CorpusCorpus by Michael Symmons Roberts Jonathan Cape
Extraordinarily gifted poet with philosophical and metaphysical concerns. He reflects on the world around him and produces works of lyrical beauty and subtle grace. His fourth collection of poetry, Corpus, published in 2004, won the Whitbread Poetry Prize. His poetry embodies intense and lucid explorations of the moment. Its powerful symbolism makes his poems appear to be addressed to the reader. Featured poem Pelt. Read the poem.

RaptureRapture by Carol Ann Duffy Picador
On May 1st 2009, Carol Ann Duffy became the UK's twentieth Poet Laureate and the first female to hold the post. Her collection Mean Time won the Whitbread Poetry Prize and the Forward Poetry Prize. Her collection Rapture, published in 2005, was awarded the T.S. Eliot Prize. She is a well-balanced poet, equally adept at sonnets and free verse. Her poetry often explores feminine archetypes and is vibrant and mature. Featured poem Whatever. Read the poem.

Death of a NaturalistDeath Of A Naturalist by Seamus Heaney Faber
His debut collection, Death Of A Natutalist, first published in 1966, heralded the birth of a wonderful talent that was to win him the Nobel Prize in 1995. It primarily addressed his rural childhood in County Derry. His collection District And Circle, published in 2006, won the T.S. Eliot Prize. He is one of the most accomplished poets writing in the English language. His poetry is powerful and sensual. Feautured poem Mossbawn Sunlight. Read the poem.

Nigh No PlaceNigh-No-Place by Jen Hadfield Bloodaxe
In 2008, Jen Hadfield became the youngest person to win the T.S. Eliot Prize with the publication of her collection Nigh-No-Place. This work is concerned with celebrating the landscape and dialect of the Shetlands and Canada. Her poetry is awash with vibrant imagery and mesmeric, musical language. It is a profound liturgy of the natural world and a joyful hike through the countryside. She is a poet of great originality. Featured poem Paternoster. Read the poem.

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Michael Symmons Roberts -- Pelt Real WinMP
Carol Ann Duffy -- Whatever Real WinMP
Seamus Heaney -- Mossbawn Sunlight Real WinMP
Jen Hadfield -- Paternoster Real WinMP

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