Excellence in poetry is not elusive. The poets being lauded today have spent many
hours perfecting their craft. There is no magic formula. These workshops are intended to fire your imagination and show you how to manipulate imagery, sound, words and structure into formidable poems.

Poetry Workshop 1

Love Poetry words from the heart. When, where, with whom, the feelings. The mystery, intensity and heartache of falling in love. Go to the Workshop.

Poetry Workshop 2

Train Journey the train arriving at Platform 3. A journey taken by train. The sights, sounds, travelling companions, experiences. Go to the Workshop.

Poetry Workshop 3

Animal Magic a walk on the wild side. A chance to interact with the majesty of other creatures. At home, in a park, field or countryside. Go to the Workshop.

Poetry Workshop 4

Dramatic Monologue excuse me I'm talking. You do all the talking. The audience is waiting expectantly on your every word. Go to the Workshop.