Bridport Prize

2009 Dore Kiesselbach Non-invasive - Best Poem

2008 Anne Stewart Still Water, Orange, Apple, Tea - Best Poem

2007 Christopher Bruelhman Wanton - Best Poem

2006 Anthony Snider Panegyric - Best Poem

2005 Carole Bromley The Lovers - Best Poem

2004 William Hampton Encountering My First Untouchables - Best Poem

2003 Sheenagh Pugh Chocolate From The Famine Museum - Best Poem

2002 Christopher James Walking Southward On O'Connell Street - Best Poem

2001 Rowland Molony The Dying And The Light - Best Poem

2000 Linda Rogers Snail Love With Opera - Best Poem

The aim of the Bridport Poetry Prize is to celebrate poetry written in the English language. It is open to anyone, including non-UK applicants, aged over 16 years old.

The 2010 poetry judge is Michael Laskey, who is a full-time freelance poet, editor and tutor, with many years experience of promoting contemporary poetry.

Further information can be found here.